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Peter Pan The Pantomime

By Emma Houldershaw, Samantha Cartwright & Louise Archer

A sparkling new pantomime version of the classic story by JM Barrie, featuring the familiar characters: Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, Michael, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys, the Indians, and of course the evil Captain Hook. And some unfamiliar ones: Nana Smee (Dame) and two comedy duos, Rum & Coke (Pirates), and Chardonnay and Prosecco (Mermaids).

Plot Summary

The Darling children, Wendy, Michael and John are visited by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. They fly to Neverland, where they meet the Lost Boys and the Indians, including Princess Tiger Lily. Peter’s sworn enemy the villainous Captain Hook and his Pirates are bent on finding Peter’s hideout, but with the help of Nana Smee, Tinkerbell and the Darlings Peter manages to outsmart Hook.

Running time: 2 hours


Peter Pan (F), Wendy Darling (F) John Darling, Michael Darling (M/F), Tinkerbell (F) Mother (F), Father (M), Nana Smee (M), Tiger Lily  (F), Mama/Papa , Captain Hook (M)

THE LOST BOYS Slightly, Curly, Nibs, Toodles, Spooks & Spike

Rum & Coke (M/F),

Chardonnay & Prosecco (F)

Chorus parts: the Indians (Booming Voice, Fire Starter and Meek as Mouse), children and pirates. Speaking Chorus parts are Meek as Mouse and Pirate 5

Captain Hook and Father can be doubled up.

Sets: a nursery, and various locations in Neverland.


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