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Robin Carlow/Colin Barrow

My birth name is Colin Barrow and was born near Tiverton, Devon. Traditionally the whole family (close and extended) are farmers and going back centuries throughout Devon. I broke the mould and went my own way after deciding that growing up on a farm wasn’t for me and had something else to offer the world. 

I have over 40 years of theatrical experience, (acting, directing, light, sound, stage management, stage crew, set build, scenery painting, etc.) I have a good knowledge of being ‘on stage’ as well as, ‘behind the scenes’. This experience gives me a great insight to on-stage and backstage logistical difficulties at various venues big or small, professional and amateur. This I apply to ALL my scripts with the knowledge they will work at almost any venue, with limited or abundant equipment and with any size budget .  With over 100 scripts published through various publishers, in my own birth name or via various, ‘nom de plume’s’ my work over the years has had a successful response in the UK and around the world. There are also many more unpublished scripts that’s used for other various outlets under my own personal control and agreements. My acting has taken me to include world premiers, audio and visual media, as well as on stage. This has given opportunity to sit and drink oodles coffee (or maybe something stronger) with many big names in theatre and film. I owe a great deal to Cary Grant who many years ago helped to send me on the path of professional script writingwhilst sitting drinking loads of coffee, eating biscuits and laughing ourselves silly! 

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