Beauty and the Beast by L. Archer, S. Cartwright & E. Houldershaw

By Emma Houldershaw, Samantha Cartwright & Louise Archer

The latest offering from the authors of Rapunzel and Peter Pan the Pantomime.

Plot Summary

The classic tale of a spoilt prince trapped inside a hideous beast. He must learn to love and be loved in return or remain a beast forever. Join the lovely Belle as she learns to adapt to life in the castle with a host of colourful characters: Dame Betty Bonbon, the housekeeper, a knife, fork and spoon, a lamp, an enchanted painting and two makeup girls.  Plenty of laughs, loves and boos make this a great family pantomime where you choose the ending, an end with a twist or a traditional end. You decide.


Belle (F), Marcel (M), Grimella (F), Grizelda (F), Dame Betty Bonbon (M), Enchantress (F), Gustav (M), Jacques (M), Beast (M), Fourchette (M/F), Cuillere (M/F), Knife (M/F), Lampe (M/F)  , Moaning Lisa (F), Rosette (F), Violette (F)

7 Female, 5 Male, 4 Male or Female

Scene – the village, the castle, a rose garden

Time – long ago in France

An excerpt from Beauty and the Beast


Scene 1 – Intro

Intro, There is a large 12’ rose with detachable petals which is permanently on far down stage right. Petals will fall off throughout the show. Gauze pulled across with lighting to allow cast to perform in shadow behind it. Enchantress entrance music

Enchantress enters front stage right, behind the gauze cast act out the scene in shadow. 

Enchantress Once upon a time, in a faraway land,

Lived a Prince in a castle, magnificent and grand,

But the prince he was vain and mean and cruel, 

Terror and fear were how he did rule.

The Prince needed teaching, a lesson to learn, 

Happiness is something we all have to earn. 

A penniless old woman was lost in a storm, 

She was desperate for somewhere safe and warm, 

She knocked at the castle “help me” she pleaded, 

But her ugly appearance meant her pleas went unheeded, 

“Begone” he shouted “get out of my sight”,

But what he saw next, gave him more than a fright. 

For she was not helpless, nor ugly nor old, 

No I am an enchantress, beautiful and bold, 

This time he pleaded, but his chance had passed, 

He needed to learn and a spell I did cast, 

Those who lived there were people no more, 

They became household items, to serve him they swore, 

And as for the Prince, his freedom had ceased, 

He was now trapped inside a hideous Beast. 

But I am not evil, I am wise and kind,

An enchanted rose I left behind, 

To love is what the beast must learn, 

What’s more, he must be loved in return. 

When the last petal falls, time will run out, 

Will anyone love him? This I do doubt, 

For years they were hopeful, but hope soon ceased, 

For who could ever truly learn to love, a Beast.

Blacks open, then gauze

Scene 2

The Village, Village backcloth showing a market/shops, wheel on carts selling fruit, cakes, hats etc

Song 1

At the end of the song, the sisters are trying things on at the market stalls

Belle Oh Father, what a lovely day it is, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’ve bought your favourite food for supper.

Marcel Belle, you always see the good in everything, even though we’ve lost all our riches, you still stay positive.

Belle I don’t need riches, we have our health and we have each other.

Marcel Not to mention your sisters. 

Belle Grimella and Grizelda?

Marcel I said not to mention them!

Belle Where are they anyway?

Marcel No doubt spending what little money we have, they’re a pain in my…

Grimella (talking over Marcel) Ask him!

Grizelda You ask him!

Both Daddy?

Marcel Whatever it is the answer’s no.

Grimella But it’s the latest one.

Grizelda Everyone’s wearing them in Paris.

Marcel We don’t live in Paris anymore, we’ve lost our fortune, we live in a village now, you have to learn to adapt like Belle has.

Grimella It’s not fair!

Grizelda We never get what we want.

Grimella It’s all your fault that we’re poor.

Belle Father can’t control the weather, it’s not his fault a storm sank all his ships.

Grizelda And it’s not our fault we were the ones born with natural good looks. 

Grimella We may have to live like peasants but we don’t have to dress like them (they pull At Belle’s clothes).

Both Please Daddy.

Marcel Ok, just one last time.

He hands them some money and they snatch it and go and pay for the hats

Belle Father you must stop giving in to them, they don’t need new hats, the roof of our house is leaking, that’s more important surely?

Marcel It’s not their fault, they’re used to luxuries and don’t call me Shirley.

Grimella and Grizelda talk to the audience with their new hats

Grimella (to audience) Do you like our new hats?

Aud No

Grizelda You have no class, looking at you, you all shop at Poundland.

Grimella I’m Grimella.

Grizelda And I’m Grizelda.

Grimella Belle’s sisters, I know it’s hard to believe.

Grizelda Us looking like this and Belle being so plain.

Grimella We’re in a different league.

Grizelda You know, I’m not even sure she is our sister.

Grimella She’s so ugly, the paper bag ran away.

Grizelda She’s so ugly, even the bin man wouldn’t pick her up.

Grimella But don’t worry boys.

Grizelda This show is not lacking in eye candy, as you can see.

Grizelda and Grimella re-join Belle and Marcel

Grimella Don’t we look beautiful Daddy?

Belle Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Grizelda I suppose you read that in one of your stupid books.

Grimella You’ll never find a man with your head stuck in a book.

Belle I’m not looking for a man.

Gustav and Jacque enter stage left, Jacque has a wrapped present

Gustav Looking for a man? I’m right here!

Sisters block the path between Gustav and Belle, Gustav is trying to get past, Belle takes the opportunity to sneak off stage right, Marcel talks to chorus

Grizelda Gustav do you like my new hat?

Gustav It’s lovely Grizelda.

Grimella My hat’s nicer isn’t it Gustav?

Gustav Very nice.

Grizelda Ooh huge muscles.

Grimella Huge package.

Gustav What?

Grimella Huge package, that Jacque’s holding (points at Jacque).

Grizelda Is that for us?

Jacque No, this is a surprise for someone very special.

Jacque walks to the front, Gustav carries on talking to the sisters

Jacque Bonjour everyone, my name’s Jacque, enchante enchante. Welcome to France. I’m the only French speaker in this panto Chateau neuf du pape, know what I mean, know what I mean? That fine specimen of a man over there is my best mate, Gustav, this present’s for him you know, but it’s a surprise, I can’t give it to him until his birthday, but I need to put it somewhere safe until then.  I know I’ll put it over here (puts it down stage left). Trouble is there’s too many tea leaves round here, I need someone to keep an eye on it for me, ‘ang about, ‘ang about, mange tout, mange tout, you thinking what I’m thinking? You lot could watch it for me, loverly juberlee (rubs his hands together). That’s it, every time someone goes near my present, you all shout loverly juberlee (rubs his hands) don’t forget the hands. Let’s have a practice, I’ll pretend to take it, you all shout out when I get near. (He creeps over to the present).

Aud Loverly juberlee!

Jacque Come on, that could’ve been taken and flogged on eBay in the time it took you to shout out, let’s try again (he creeps towards the present).

Aud Loverly juberlee!

Jacque Oh do me a lemon, that was better but I think there’s something not quite right and I think it’s this side that’s the problem (points to left side of audience) so we’ll do it again with just you lot (he creeps towards the present).

Aud (just left side) Loverly juberlee!

Jacque Ok I think it’s just the front five rows (he points to the front five rows of the left side), you know it makes sense, let’s try again with just those rows (he creeps towards the present).

Aud (just front five rows of left side) Loverly juberlee!

Jacque It’s just this row (points to front row) again (he creeps towards the present).

Aud (just front row of left side) Loverly juberlee!

Jacque It’s the five of you in the front, I need to hear you try it (he creeps towards the


Aud (just five picked out from front row, left side) Loverly juberlee!

Jacque It’s you Sir (points to someone out of the final five) What’s your name? (he answers) Can you stand up and we’ll try it again, shout as loud as you can (he creeps towards the present).

Man Loverly juberlee!

Jacque Well done, that was the crème de la menthe, bet you wish you hadn’t bought tickets in the front row now don’t you? 

Conversation moves back to Gustav and sisters

Gustav Out of my way, I’m looking for your father.

Grimella What do you want with Daddy?

Gustav I’m going to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Grizelda Which one of us?

Grimella Obviously me.

Grizelda No it would be me of course.

Gustav Marcel, Marcel, I need a word.

Marcel joins the conversation 

Marcel Yes?

Gustav I’ve come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage? 

Marcel Which daughter?

Grimella This is it.

Grizelda It’s going to be me.

Gustav Belle.

Sisters Belle?

Grimella Have you seen how she dresses?

Grizelda He’s clearly got no taste.

Sisters exit stage left

Marcel Oh, well, that would be Belle’s decision of course.

Gustav She’ll say yes, who would refuse me? (Thigh slap)

Song 2

At end of song, chorus exit both sides

Belle enters stage right holding a letter

Belle Father, the postman asked me to give you this letter.

Marcel Thank you Belle (he opens the letter and reads it through the next bit).

Gustav (to Jacque) Go and get the ring. (Jacque exits stage left) Belle, you’re looking lovely today. Dinner tonight? Your place or mine?

Belle Both, you go to yours and I’ll go to mine.

Gustav Belle I’d go to the end of the world for you.

Belle Ok, but would you stay there?

Gustav (laughs as if she’s joking).

Jacque enters stage left carrying a rubber ring

Jacque Gustav, I’ve got it, I’ve got it.

Gustav What is this?

Jacque The biggest ring I could find.

Gustav You buffoon, I meant an engagement ring.

Jacque Oh pot pourri, I don’t believe it (he exits stage left).

Gustav Who needs a ring anyway. Belle, I’ve chosen you, you’re to be my wife, you lucky thing.

Belle Oh, er, tempting but um, no.

Gustav I can see you’re overwhelmed, I’ll let you think about it (he winks at her and goes to

a stall).

Grimella and Grizelda enter stage left with a little dog in a bag

Grimella Jacque, walk Princess Fifi for us (hands him the dog).

Grizelda The pooper scoop’s in the bag (they exit stage left).

Jacque Aren’t you a cute little Chihuahua (the fake dog is loud, dog sound effect of a snappy dog, Jacque’s hand gets dragged to one side, then the other, like the dog is really strong).

Gustav What’s that?

Jacque Grimella and Grizelda’s dog Princess Fifi, actually I bet you £10 you can’t answer

‘Princess Fifi’ to everything I ask?

Gustav Easy, (gets out £10).

Jacque Are you ready?

Gustav Yes (Jacque takes the money) That’s not fair, I wasn’t ready, let’s try again (gets out another £10).

Jacque Ok, are you ready now?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Didn’t fall for it this time, did you?

Gustav No (Jacque takes the money) No, wait, one more time, last £10?

Jacque Ok, are you ready?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Didn’t fall for it this time, did you?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Who’s the most beautiful girl in the village?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Who would you most like to kiss?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Who’s the strongest fighter in the village?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Who are you going to take up the aisle?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque What would you rather have, Princess Fifi or the money?

Gustav Princess Fifi.

Jacque Great, I’ll have the money then, see you later.

Jacque takes the money, hands Gustav the dog, they both exit stage right

Marcel Belle, Grimella, Grizelda, come quickly, (they enter stage left) I’ve had word that one of my ships has been spotted, this could be the end of all our troubles, I’ll leave immediately.

Grimella We’re rich again!

Grizelda Daddy bring me back a present.

Grimella I’ll have a gold necklace.

Grizelda And diamonds.

Grimella A Chanel bag.

Grizelda An emerald ring.

Grimella A crystal tiara.

Grizelda And shoes, lots of shoes.

Marcel Belle, you haven’t asked for anything, what would you like?

Belle Just that you return safely.

Marcel There must be something I can bring you.

Belle A rose, I’d like a rose.

Marcel Roses were always your mother’s favourite.

Belle (she hugs him) stay safe father.

Marcel exits stage right

Belle is sad, the sisters go either side of her

Grimella I’ll just have a rose Daddy (mimicking Belle).

Grizelda Ugh you make me sick.

Belle Where’s your heart? Are you not even slightly worried about Father (she exits stage left).

Grimella Who does she think she is? She’s just jealous of us isn’t she?

Grizelda We’re more beautiful than Belle aren’t we? (to aud)

Aud Oh no you’re not!

Sisters Oh yes we are!

Aud Oh no you’re not!

Sisters Oh yes we are!

Grimella Of course we’re worried about father, I want that necklace.

Grizelda And I want shoes that match my green top.

Grimella That green top’s mine.

Grizelda It isn’t, anyway it looks better on me.

Grimella I can wear anything better than you.

Grizelda You can’t!

Song 3 

Grimella and Grizelda are fighting during the song, trying to hurt each other but without noticing, are nice to each other’s faces

Blacks and gauze close

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