Disco loves Rock – A 70s Musical

By Philip Streva

Plot Summary

Disco kids and rockers don’t like each other.  But when a rocker boy and a disco girl fall for each other, what will their friends do?  Will they come together and put aside their differences or will they disown their friend?

This musical is about opening our hearts and minds to people that are different than us and seeing that we all have things in common.

It’s mostly about the great music of the 1970’s!


5 – Male, 4 – Female


Mr Bowie (teacher), Stephen, Gene, Linda, Ann (Rockers), Donna, Casey, Gloria, Barry (Disco Kids) Dancers

An excerpt from Disco loves Rock – A 70s Musical (to obtain a full reading copy, please fill in the ‘contact us’ page).


Scene 1

Typical high-school classroom.  In attendance is Mr Bowie, Stephen, Gene, Ann and Linda are one side of the classroom.  Donna, Gloria, Casey and Barry are the other.  Lights are on classroom, both The Rocker’s basement/hangout and Donna’s bedroom are dark.

Mr Bowie  So, Y=MX+B.  Can anyone tell me what M is?

Ann  M= slope.

Mr Bowie  That’s right! Thank you, Ann.

Gloria  The rock girl actually has a brain!

Casey   I’m surprised.

Donna  Hey, take it easy. It’s not her fault she likes terrible music. (DONNA, GLORIA, CASEY AND BARRY laugh)

Stephen  You must be talking about yourself with that dorky disco crap.

Linda  You tell her Stephen!

Barry  Hey Mr. Bowie, B is the y-intercept.

Mr Bowie  Very good Barry!

Gene  Mr. Bowie, we want to show them how to rock!

All Disco Kids  DISCO!

Rock Kids  ROCK!

All Disco Kids  DISCO!


Mr Bowie  No, no, no, no…..

Song 1

Rock dancers exit

Barry  What was that?

Casey  My ears are hurting.

Donna  Let’s show them what groovy music is.

Gloria  Yea, we’re gonna to show you how to boogie!

Mr Bowie  (Sarcastic.) This is my math class, right?

Barry, Casey, Donna, Gloria  (To the audience.) Come on everybody! Let’s Boogie!

Song 2

Bell Rings

Mr Bowie  Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow. (Disgusted, throws hands in the air.)

Scene 2

Rockers hang out/Basement, lights go off the classroom and light up the Rocker’s basement

Gene  What the hell was that? (Sarcastically) “Boogie Shoes”?

Ann  I know. Pretty dorky. Well, I need to go study that slope lesson.

Gene  Are you kidding? You’re the only one that understands that stuff.

Ann  I know. I want to keep it that way!

Gene  I need to split too. My mom is cooking her famous pasta tonight. Can’t miss that.

Gene and Ann exit

Linda Whew! That song sucked!

Stephen Yea, I don’t know how anyone can listen to that crap!

Linda tries to kiss Stephen

Stephen. What are you doing?

Linda   (Looking confused.) I thought you liked me.

Stephen  I do like you–as a friend. Listen, we’ve been friends for a long time. I don’t want to ruin that.

Linda  Oh please, if you don’t want me, just say it!

Stephen  Come on Linda! Let’s not complicate things.

Linda  Do you not have feelings for me?

Stephen  Linda, we’ve been friends for our whole lives. I love you like a sister. I’m sorry. I can’t change that. You are so important to me but not as a girlfriend. I just can’t turn on a switch and feel that way.

Linda  I understand (sad)

They hug and Stephen exits


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