Youth – Ogre in Space

By Emma Houldershaw

Ogre doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday, but when a wish to be as far away as possible lands him in Space, how will he get home?  His wife Leona and a host of fairytale characters set out to rescue him.


21 characters ranging from main parts to one liners, a perfect production for a school or youth theatre group.


Ogre, Princess Leona, Puss in Boots, Donkey, Dr Pock, Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Minion 1, Minion 2, Little Bo Peep, Jack, Jill, Little Miss Muffet, Duke of York, Alice in Wonderland, Oliver Twist, Harry Potter, Music Man


An excerpt from Ogre in Space

Scene 1

Ogre’s birthday party, Fairytale land, Simple set, bunting up

Song 1

Ogre is seated at the side, not looking impressed, he has a birthday hat on and an it’s my birthday sash, everyone is dancing and happy around him, really cheesey. During the scene, there should be quiet party music in background

Ogre  Lovely (very sarcastic and not happy), now if you’ll excuse me I…

Donkey  I knew you’d love it, Leona wasn’t sure you’d want a party but I said to her, I said, Ogre loves a party, you do love a party, I love a party…

Leona  (entering carrying a birthday cake) It’s time for the birthday cake

Ogre  I don’t want…

Leona  Happy birthday to you (all join in and sing the song)

Ogre  Thank you (still frustrated, doesn’t want to be there)

Leona  Make a wish

Ogre  Fine (closes his eyes and makes a wish) Can I go now?

Leona  Go? It’s your birthday Ogre, come and dance

Ogre  I don’t want to dance, I don’t want a party and I don’t want a cake (getting angry and starting to shout). I’m another year older, why would I want to celebrate that?

Donkey  But we’ve got you presents, you’ll want the presents, open the presents

Ogre  Donkey, I don’t want presents, I don’t want a birthday, I just want to be left alone. (he storms out)

Leona  Well that went well, (she is upset and her friends, Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty gather round to comfort her, Rapunzel is still dancing with chorus and having fun)

Cinderella  Don’t worry Leona, he’ll calm down and realize that you were just trying to do something nice for him.

Beauty  Can I go to sleep now?

Rapunzel  This is the best day ever! (said like in Tangled, see’s that she’s wrong) Or maybe not.

Cinderella  Ogre was quite rude, we’ve gone to all this effort for him, I mean, who doesn’t like a party? I even wore my glass slippers.

Snow White  I can whistle to my animal friends and they can come and clean up for you

Rapunzel  We’ll help

Beauty  Seriously? I’m so tired.

Leona  Thanks girls, but I don’t need any help, I need to go and find Ogre and sort this out, how dare he storm out of his own party, just because he doesn’t want to get older. You know I’m really starting to feel like we’re drifting apart, he’s so grumpy all the time, I mean more than normal.

Snow White  But he’s your true love Leona

Leona  I thought so too, but I don’t think he does anymore (she walks off)

Curtains Close

Scene 2

On the road outside, Ogre enters from back followed by Donkey and Puss

Donkey  Ogre where are you going? Stop Ogre, wait for us.

Puss  Tell us what’s wrong?

Donkey  ‘Stop, in the name of love’ (singing)

Puss  ‘Stop right now, thank you very much’ (singing)

Donkey  ‘Stop, collaborate and listen’ (singing)

Puss  ‘Stop, hammer time’ (the hammer music plays and Donkey and Puss dance around)

Ogre  Shut it both of you, (music stops abruptly) will you just leave me alone.

Puss  You left your own birthday party, you were very rude to Leona. Why?

Donkey  She went to a lot of effort Ogre

Ogre  Don’t you see, look at me, why would Leona want to stay with me?

Puss  Because she loves you.

Donkey  Goodness knows why after what you just did

Ogre  I’m grumpy, difficult, unsociable, I talk with my mouth full, I dribble in my sleep, it’s only a matter of time before Leona realises she made a mistake marrying me, so I need to get away before that happens, I couldn’t bear to see the disgust in her eyes.

Leona  (entering from the back and catching up to them, they are all on stage now) Ogre, don’t walk away from me

Puss  We’ll leave you two alone (he exits taking Donkey with him, who is reluctant to leave)

Ogre  I’m sorry Leona, I hate birthdays, I know I was rude.

Leona  Rude! Rude doesn’t come close to what you were, that was embarrassing, all our friends were there for you and that’s how you behave.

Ogre  You’re better off without me, I knew I was right to make that wish.

Leona  Agh Ogre, you make me so angry sometimes, wait, what wish?

Ogre  When I blew out the candles

Leona  On your birthday cake, that you didn’t want. Ok, what was the wish?

Ogre  I wished I could be as far away from here as possible, I just want to be alone

Song 2

Leona  Well I hope your wish comes true.

Ogre disappears, black out and magical sound effect


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