Youth – Wizard of Oz

By Samantha Cartwright & Emma Houldershaw

Youth version of our best selling full length Pantomime


3 Female, 2 Male, 7 M/F


A farm, Munchkin Land, Emerald City, Witches Castle

An excerpt from Youth – Wizard of Oz



Auntie Em’s Farm. Scene and costumes should be sepia tones and can be done on half stage with the munchkin scene pre set behind


All chorus go about their daily farm business, Dorothy is talking to some of the chorus ignoring the speech Harry is giving, Toto is following her constantly greeting all the chorus.

Harry Hello everybody, my name’s Harry Trotter, that’s Trotter, not Potter, and I work here in Kansas on Auntie Em’s farm. That’s her niece, Dorothy, isn’t she lovely?  Can I tell you a secret?  I think Dorothy is the most beautiful girl in the whole world,

Chorus 1 Hi Harry, did you hear about the trouble Dorothy got into today with Toto?

Harry No, what happened?

Chorus 2 Toto’s been eating Mrs West’s flowers again

Harry I bet Mrs West wasn’t too pleased about that (chorus show fear of Mrs West)

Chorus 3 She wasn’t, she chased Dorothy and Toto almost all the way home

Dorothy approaches with Toto and Harry looks at her to say, what are you like

Dorothy Don’t look at me like that, I tried to stop him, but he just loves those flowers

Toto takes a flower out of his mouth and hides it behind his back, he is at Dorothy’s side looking a bit guilty, Dorothy pets him reassuringly

Harry Dorothy, I know you want to make Toto happy but if he keeps eating Mrs West’s flowers, he’s going to get himself in real trouble,

Dorothy I’m not worried about her, what could she possibly do to Toto

Harry I’m just looking out for you, like I always d

Dorothy I know you are Harry, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had

Chorus 4 Quick everyone, back to work, Auntie Em’s on her way out

Dorothy, Harry, Toto and chorus exit to the right, Aunt Em enters from the left, from the house

Em Oh where’s everybody gone, I thought I heard voices out here, where did you lot come from, did the agency send you?  I know I said I needed some more staff but this many ridiculous, my name is Emily Gale but you can call me Auntie Em.  This is my farm, what a day I’ve had, went to the Doctors this morning and I asked Doctor, do you think I need glasses?  He said you certainly do Miss, this is a fish and chip shop.  So when I finally found the doctors I told him I keep seeing things, one minute it’s Donald Duck, the next it’s MinnieMouse, he asked me how long I’ve been having these Disney spells

Mrs West enters from the right, storming on in a mood

Mrs West Emily Gale I’ve got a bone to pick with you

Em Look what the wind blew in, wicked old Mrs West, she’s always round here causing a fuss

Mrs West sorry, what was that

Em Nothing Dear, I’m just off to catch a bus

Mrs West You’re not going anywhere, where’s that wretched dog? He’s eaten my flowers one time too many so I’ve got a court order here, I’ve come to take him.

Em You’re not taking him anywhere, that will break Dorothy’s heart

Mrs West there’s nothing you can do about it, I’ve got the law on my side

Em That’s about all you’ve got on your side, no friends, no family, nobody likes you round here

Mrs West I don’t care, popularity is over rated

Em You’d better watch yourself, you’ll turn green with envy

Toto comes running on followed by Dorothy, Harry and chorus from the right

Dorothy Toto come back, Toto.

Em Dorothy take Toto inside

Dorothy Why’s what’s going on?

Mrs West This is what’s going on, that scraggy mutt has crossed me one too many times, I’m here to take him

Dorothy Take him where?

Mrs West I have a court order here to have that mangy dog destroyed

Dorothy Destroyed? No, you can’t, tell her Auntie Em, she’s not taking him

Em I’ve tried Dorothy dear, but there’s nothing I can do, I’m sorry, she’s got the law on her side

Dorothy (crying and hugging Toto) You can’t do this, I won’t let you

Mrs West I will be back at 6, have him ready, good day to you, (exits to the right)

Lightening, flashes of lightning throughout the following dialogue and thunder

Em (Shouting after her) You won’t get away with this

Harry Don’t worry Dorothy, we’ll think of something, I won’t let her take Toto no matter what

Em I think there’s a storm brewing, Harry let’s get to work

Dorothy Toto, we have to run away, I won’t let Mrs West take you, it’s the only way come on Toto

She grabs a suitcase from side of stage and they run into the audience

Em We need to work fast, it’s a twister and it’s a big one, get the horses in the stables, make sure everything is tied down, round the sheep up, put the chickens in their coup, get inside the shelter everyone.

All chorus and principals start hurrying around, collecting farm equipment, tying things down running for cover, off stage, Harry and Aunt Em  run to the house, projections of a tornado start and storm music to compliment it. Toto and Dorothy run back onto the stag

Dorothy Come on Toto, back inside the house

Once behind the house scenery Dorothy needs to change into colour outfits, Dorothy will have a very quick change on side of stage

Storm is building up, lots of lightening, wind sound effects, the house rocking, after around 30 seconds the storm calms down and then stops. Sunrise, birds tweeting, curtains open revealing munchkin land. There are legs under the house to be pushed out wearing ruby slippers.

Munchkin chorus hiding, moving tree’s position themselves, bright flowers and candy swirls hanging from them.


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