I think I could love her

By Philip Streva


The setting is the early 80s when music was changing. Raised by a hypocritical preacher and an alcoholic and depressed mother, this story is about a young lady who was sheltered and taught that being gay is an abomination. She is struggling with her sexuality and whether or not her friends will accept her if they knew the truth. 


Eileen, Linda, Joan, Stephen, Ann, Donna, Ted, Joey, Jan

Cast 6 F, 3 M

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An excerpt from I think I could love her

PJs Club Scene    Scene 1

Eileen is hanging out in the corner of the bar. She’s new in town and doesn’t know anyone. Jan, Ted, and Joey come in wearing their punk rock outfits

Jan. Hey guys, are we going to jam tonight?

Ted. Absolutely, the band is here and it’s Sing with the Band night!

Joey. Great! When does that start?

Ted. I think it starts pretty soon.

Jan. What song are we singing tonight?

Ted, Jan and Joey silently talk amongst themselves as an announcement is made that it’s time to sing with the band. Eileen is watching from the corner. Ted, Jan and Joey jump up and go to the band. (Author’s note: if there is no band, they can just go to a spot on the stage and sing to the track)

Song 1 

After they sing, they sit down

Joey. Now that was fun! (beat) I have to take a piss.

Jan. Dude really!! Just say excuse me you idiot.

Ted. ( laughing) You really are an idiot! 

Joey gets up and hits Ted on the arm as he leaves. Ted keeps laughing. Joey sees Eileen sitting in the corner of the bar and walks toward her.

Joey. Hey there sexy. I’m Joey.

Eileen. Look, I’m really not in the mood. It’s not you.(beat) Well, it’s a little bit you, but it’s mostly me. Could you just keep walking please?

Joey. (drops his head) Okay. (starts to walk away)

Eileen. Hey (grabs his arm) I’m sorry. If you’d just like to talk, I’m happy to talk with you. I’m Eileen

Joey. Thank you Eileen. I don’t believe I’ve seen you before. Are you from out of town?

Eileen. Yes, I just moved from Texas. My mom and I needed a new start. By the way, I love the song you guys sang. Pretty radical!

Joey. You’ve never heard it before? It’s getting pretty popular.

Eileen. No. My dad is a preacher and he only plays gospel music in the house. But he left us, so I’m going to catch up with the music scene now.

Joey. Sorry to hear that.

Jan and Ted walk up to Joey and Eileen

Ted. Hey dude, you said you were going to the bathroom but here you are talking to pretty girls.

Jan. Yea Joey, you liar! ( they laugh) So I’m Jan and this is Ted.

Eileen. Hi Jan and Ted, are you guys a couple?

Ted.  I wish.

Jan.  Ha Ha, no just friends.

Joey.  He’s working on it though. (Ted laughs and puts Joey in a head lock-jokingly) Hey, Eileen is new in town. Maybe she’d like to hang with us in the park.

Eileen. The park? Is that where you hang out together?

Ted. Yea, we just hang out there and listen to music and talk. Other groups of people hang out there too. It’s something to do in this small town.

Jan. Good idea. We’d love to have you around. I know I’m tired of just hanging around with these 2 idiots. (they laugh)

Eileen. Sure. That sounds like fun!

Eileen, Ted, Jan and Joey all leave the club together

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