Jack and the Beanstalk (Adult)

By Demetria Paxton

A hilarious new adult Pantomime.  Everything is sunny in the Village, the people are friendly and there’s a real community spirit, even though they are all taxed within an inch of their lives by the evil Baron Hardon.  Will Jack Virgin and his mum Stella Virgin ever find their fortune?  Will the Baron’s daughter Jill find true love with Buttons?  Or will she choose Jack who seems more interested in his horse to be honest.  Add in a giant, bundles of laughter, a head good fairy and you have yourself a roaring good Pantomime.

Cast  2 Female, 3 Male, 3 Male/Female.  Chorus of villagers, bean sellers, market owners, milkman, grocer, fairies

Characters  Head Good Fairy, Stella Virgin (Dame), Jack Virgin, Baron Hardon, Jill Hardon, Buttons, Giant, Harp

Scenes  Village, Virgin Hovel, Virgin Mansion, Giants Lair, Hardon Manor

Set  Long ago

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