By Louise Archer, Samantha Cartwright and Emma Houldershaw

This latest offering by the team who brought you Peter Pan is a lively and fun-filled script.

Plot Summary

The familiar plot centres on a beautiful princess called Rapunzel with the longest hair you can ever imagine, trapped in a tower by an evil witch. Join Fin Strider and Prince Smarming as they set off to rescue her, but will they succeed and who will win her hand?  Full of great characters including a dim-witted comedy duo, Hide and Seek,  Dame Cherry Bakewell, a very dangerous wolf and a dragon.

Running time: about two hours.


Rapunzel (F), King (M), Queen (F), Witch (F), Prince Smarming (M/F), Fin Strider (M/F), Princess Pickle (F), Dame Cherry Bakewell (M) , Milly (F), Hide & Seek (M), Poppy, Daisy, Nettle, Wolf, Swamp Monster, Priest , Dragon, Chorus  

Scene – the Palace, the village, Rapunzel’s tower

Time – long ago

An excerpt from Rapunzel


Scene 1 

Prologue, This can either be done as a pre recorded voiceover or a voiceover with pre recorded projection of the characters acting out what the voiceover is saying,  white gauze, scene 2 set behind it

Voiceover  Once upon a time in a land far away lived a King and Queen, they were beloved by their people and their kingdom prospered. One day the Queen fell deathly ill, no one in the land could find a cure. Legend told of a rare plant with magical properties that could cure anything. The King sent his men far and wide to find the plant if at all it existed.  The plant was found within his Kingdom at the home of a Witch, but it was kept within the high walls of her secret garden, she refused to help. The King, desperate to save his wife, returned to the garden alone at night and stole the plant. He rushed home and fed it to his wife who was on her last breath.  It cured her immediately. The people rejoiced at the news their Queen was well again. All but one.  The Witch was furious, she went to the King and Queen and threatened to curse the Kingdom for eternity if the King and  Queen did not give her their first born child.  The King and Queen, who had been trying for a child for several years without success, agreed, knowing that the Witch’s request would never be met, there would be no child.  The Kingdom thrived and daily life continued. In the following weeks it became apparent that there would be a child.

Queen  My miracle baby, We’ll call her Rapunzel.

Projection freezes, spotlight on stage but missing Pickle

Pickle Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Rapunzel, it’s always about Rapunzel. Er Hello, I’m over here (spotlight moves to Pickle). I’m a Princess too, I’m Rapunzel’s little sister, but you won’t have heard of me, cos I never feature in the story. It’s never about me, it’s always about her. What were Mummy and Daddy thinking? They could steal from the most powerful witch in the land and get away with it.

Back to projection, spotlight off Pickle

Voiceover  The King and Queen, in their joy, forgot all about their promise to the witch. Baby Rapunzel was born and as the King and Queen tucked her into bed on that first night, little did they know, that would be the last they saw of their baby girl. The Witch broke into the palace and took what she was owed. For 18 years the King and Queen have searched the land, sending Prince after Prince on a quest to find her, but no Prince ever returns.

Projection ends abrubtly, spot on Pickle 

Pickle  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and they all lived happily ever after. Except they didn’t. They had another daughter, me and they were still miserable. I’m not good enough, never have been good enough and never will be. Rapunzel is perfect in everyone’s eyes, not that they know her, none of us do. Rapunzel. What kind of name is that anyway? Who names their child after something they ate when they were pregnant. Oh that’s right, my mother. My name’s Pickle. Rapunzel’s younger, insignificant sister. No one ever notices me, watch this.

Scene 2

The Palace, Internal palace back cloth, two thrones upstage centre, King and Queen on their thrones, villagers

and princes, All looking busy, villagers waving off the princes. 

Curtains open and Pickle walks into the scene

Pickle  Hi everyone, (she waves and gestures wildly, no one looks up). See, I may as well not even be here (she walks amongst the cast doing silly movements and saying hello, no one responds)(To audience) I don’t have any friends (audience ahh) you can do better than that, c’mon this is the first conversation I’ve had all week (audience ahh). You’re my friends now, you’ll help people notice me won’t you? (Audience yes) If anyone doesn’t notice me, will you shout out my name, will you shout out Pickle? (Audience yes) Let’s have a little practice (goes to Chorus 1) Lovely weather for this time of year isn’t it?

Chorus 1  (Looking confused, speaks to audience) Who said that?

Aud  Pickle

Chorus 1  Oh hello Pickle, didn’t see you there.

Pickle  Thanks everyone, that was fun, let’s try one more time, (goes to chorus 2) Do you have the time please?

Chorus 2  Who said that?

Aud  Pickle

Chorus 2  Pickle, where did you come from?

Group of Prince’s enter.

Pickle  Here’s the next batch of hero’s hoping to find Rapunzel. When will they just give up and accept, she’s

not coming home.

Song 1

King and Queen are talking to Princes and sending them on their quest, Pickle approaches them.

Pickle  Mother, Father, why don’t we go and watch the jousting tonight, just the three of us as a family?

King  (Speaking to a Prince, Pickle thinks he’s talking to her) Do you think you’re ready?

Pickle  Ready? Of course I’m ready, I’ve been waiting for a family night for years (the prince is replying


Queen  It’ll be a long a perilous journey (talking to the Prince).

Pickle  (Thinking they are talking to her) What? To the town square, I don’t think so.

King  (To the prince) you should leave right away.

Pickle  (Thinking he’s talking to her) Leave? You want me to go?

Queen  The sooner you leave the better, maybe we’ll get our Rapunzel back (talking to the Prince).

Pickle  (Thinking they’re talking to her) Fine, I’ll go, it’s clear you don’t want me here.

King  Pack a bag and make sure you have enough supplies (to the Prince).

Pickle  Don’t worry, I already have a bag packed (she picks up a bag from the wings).

Queen  Farewell and Good Luck.

Pickle  Fine, I’m gone

Pickle marches off into the audience, the Prince exits sl at the same time.

King  I think that went quite well don’t you?

Queen  Wonderfully.  We may have that wedding sooner than we thought, (shouts off) send for Mrs Bakewell,

the cake maker.

Dame Bakewell enters sr carrying a tray of cakes

Bakewell  You called?

King  We need a wedding cake immediately.

Bakewell  Ooh, have you found Princess Rapunzel?

King  Not yet, but we’ve just sent out another band of Princes and this time we’re certain, they’ll find her.

Bakewell  (Rolling her eyes) so, what type of cake would you like? Victoria Sponge again?

Queen  No, I think we’ll go for 14 tiers, 4 of classic fruit cake, 4 chocolate, 3 vanilla sponge, 3 lemon, covered

in ganash, 1000 hand sculpted sugar flowers and topped with gold leaf.

Bakewell  Ok, I’ll get started and get it to you as soon as I can.

Queen  Tomorrow morning is fine.

King and Queen exit sr

Bakewell  Looks like I’m going to be working round the clock if I’m to get that cake ready by tomorrow, who does she think I am? Mary Berry? A good baker will rise to the occasion, it’s the yeast I can do. Oh hello, where did you lot come from? I hope you’re not here to order cakes, I’m up to my eyeballs with the King and Queen’s order as it is. This is the 5th cake I’ve made this month, and every time they go to waste, my waist to be precise, I end up eating most of it myself, do you know, technically if you don’t cut a cake and just eat the whole thing with a fork, you still only had one piece. The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap, stay safe and eat cake, that’s my motto. I’m Dame Bakewell, I live here in the village with my son Fin Stryder, he calls himself that but I call him Norman Cornelius Bakewell, I don’t understand why he feels the need to change it, apparently it’s not “cool”. The worst thing about naming a baby is realising how many people you hate. Anyway, better get back to the bakery, I’ve left Milly in charge, she’s my assistant, a few pecans short of a fruitcake, she tries bless her, but let’s just say she’s not a natural baker like me. Better get started on this cake, see you later (she exits)

Scene 3

Rapunzel’s tower, woods back cloth, tower is downstage right, remains in place throughout show. Tower has a

large window, big enough to see Rapunzel sitting in the tower through it and to climb through, rope ladder

fixed top and bottom and disguised with plants and flowers, rope decorated with flowers so it looks like hair

from window to the floor.

Rapunzel is sitting in her tower, looking out of the window, Three flowers, Poppy, Daisy and Nettle are at the

bottom of the tower.

Song 2

Rapunzel  Oh Poppy, will I ever leave this tower? 

Poppy  Of course you will, there’s a great big world out there waiting for you.

Nettle  Waiting for you? You’re never getting out of here.

Daisy  I think you should stay right where you are, where it’s safe.

Rapunzel  I know Daisy, you’re probably right, but I’d so love to feel the grass beneath my feet.

Nettle  I can feel it, it’s damp, cold and full of worms, you’re better off up there, ‘least it’s dry.

Poppy  Don’t listen to Nettle, she’s just bitter, ‘cos she’s a weed, not a flower.

Nettle  A weed that can sting. The world is a dangerous place Rapunzel.

Daisy  You know what your mother told you would happen if your feet touched the grass?

Rapunzel  I know, grass burns through human skin, but it looks so appealing and smells so fresh.

Daisy  But it’s misleading, just like that mist your mother talks about Rapunzel.

Rapunzel  Enchanted mist. Lures you closer then sends you to sleep, I’d still rather brave the mist and

experience all the good things I read about, the sea, dancing, mountains, the sun setting on the horizon, a big

red balloon, people, cake, I’ve never even tasted cake, and falling in love, imagine what that might be like (she

goes all dreamy and sighs).

Pop/Dai  (Sigh)

Nettle  It’s overrated, I fell in love once, with a thistle, didn’t last, he was all over me, kept trying to take over,

then a man pulled him out the ground and I never saw him again.

Rapunzel  Oh Nettle, you’re always so full of joy aren’t you? But a girl can dream.

Lights fade on tower and spot goes onto witch who enters sr

Witch  (To audience angrily) How did you find us? Why are you here? You better not be filling Rapunzel’s

head with thoughts of the outside world.  She is never leaving me, I need her, or I need her hair, her hair holds

magical powers that keep me young and beautiful. I am young and beautiful aren’t I? (Audience – oh no you’re

not etc) Oh shut up, what would you lot know about true beauty, you’re all old and ugly (audience boo). As

long as I can keep her here in this tower, I’ll be able to use her magic. And the wretched girl actually thinks I’m

her mother (repulsed shiver). (She goes to the tower and switches to sickly sweet) Rapunzel! Mother’s home.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Rapunzel’s hair drops down, Witch climbs up into the tower using the hidden rope ladder

Witch  My darling Rapunzel, what have you been up to?

Rapunzel  Oh Mother, I just read the most wonderful book, about a Prince and a…

Witch  (Interrupting) Sit down, give me your hair.

Rapunzel  (Sitting on the floor, talking, but very quietly, sound effect of magic, then when sound effect ends

Rapunzel carries on her story) and they fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Witch  Love only exists in fairytales.

Rapunzel  But what if it does exist? Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Witch  I’ve told you darling, the outside world is a cruel, nasty place.

Rapunzel  But if I could just go outside, even for one day.

Witch  No, we’ve been through this before.

Rapunzel  I promise, I wouldn’t be gone long.

Witch  I said no.

Rapunzel  Please Mother, just once?

Witch  NO! you are never to leave this tower. EVER.

Black out


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