Jukebox Jive

By Richard Boon

Plot Summary

Loosely based on the story of Cinderella, this Rock and Roll spectacular will havc audiences dancing in the aisles.  What happens when poor but beautiful Cindy meets Johnny C Harming, the local bad boy, will she fall for his charms or will her stepmother Ivy and her horrible daughters put a stop to it.


5 Male, 11 Female, 2 M/F


Cindy, Johnny, Sam, Grabbit, Danny, Ivy, Chelle, Trace, Petula, Mandy, Kathy, Laura, Maud, Charlie, Billy, Tramp, Maureen, Carol

Set – 1950s

An excerpt from Juke Box Jive


Sam’s Diner, set as a diner, with a counter and tables with chairs around, fifties style. Cindy and Laura enter switch lights on. Put menu’s out on tables and small vases with a few flowers on each table. As song Ends Sam enters.

Song 1

Sam  Morning Cindy, morning Laura,  everything ready to open up?

Cindy  Morning Uncle Sam, everything’s ready. Just need some customers.

Sam  Thanks Cindy. Get us a cup of tea when you get a chance, please.

Phone rings

Sam  (answering the phone) Hello! Sam’s Place, open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, what d’yer want?

Grabbit   (from off stage) O’Nella, Grabbit here, where’s my money?

Sam  Where’s my money, can’t you even be civil?  Look Mr Grabbit, I’ll send my niece Cindy round with some later.  It won’t be much, business is very slow.

Grabbit  O’Nella, I don’t care how slow it is, just get me my money.

Sam  I’m doing my best, I’m even looking for a partner.

Grabbit  Well make it quick or I’ll be sending the bailiffs in.

Sam  No, don’t do that, Mr Grabbit, I’ll get the money somehow, I promise, somehow I’ll pay you.

Grabbit  And another thing.

Sam  What now?

Grabbit  I’ve got five cheques in my hand, drawn on your business account signed by your wife and stepdaughters.  O’Nella there’s no money in your account so I’m not going to pay them.  Goodbye.

Sam  Oh no, she’s going to kill me.  (angrily) Where is everyone?  (to audience) And what are you lot gawping at?  Don’t you know it’s rude to stare. (to Cindy) Oh Cindy , what are we going to do?   You know, I can remember when this place was busy all day and the club full every night, it was a top spot.  That’s about all I’ve got left now, memories.

Song 2

Johnny enters loudly, looking cool

Johnny  Hi everyone, I’m back (whole cast look at him in astonishment but say nothing) Well?  Isn’t anyone pleased to see me?

Kathy  (she rushes forward, takes Johnny to one side in a private conversation, rest of cast look puzzled and chat amongst themselves) What are you doing here?

Johnny  What am I doing here?  That’s priceless Kathy, what are you doing here?  When did you get out?

Kathy  About three weeks ago.  Johnny, please don’t tell them.  This is my first job since my release and I really need it and I’ve fitted in really well.

Johnny  Next you’ll be tellin’ me you’re going straight.

Kathy  I am, but it won’t be easy with you around.  When did you get out?

Johnny  Shsss, you don’t have to broadcast it, I got out last week and I’m skint.

Kathy  Well, I haven’t got any money, please don’t do anything stupid Johnny.  Getting involved with you is what got me sent down and I don’t ever wanna go back to that place.

Johnny  Hey – not my fault you got caught Kathy – you should have run faster.

Kathy  Yeah – and what’s your excuse – you went down as well.

Johnny  Yeah yeah keep it down, I’m on the way back up.  I just need to sort out some cash to get me started. Sam’s bound to have a few quid he can lend me, I’ll have to ask ‘im.

Kathy  Johnny no – Sam’s really struggling.  Please leave him alone and leave me alone too.

Song 3

Johnny  Hi everyone, it’s great to see you too, (spotting Sam) Laura!

Laura  Hi Johnny, remember me?

Johnny  Oh Laura, I didn’t expect to see you here, how y’doin’

Laura  Ok, Sam’s been really good to me.  Why didn’t you stay in touch Johnny, I really missed you.

Johnny  I dunno, I just thought it best that you forgot all about me

Laura  You’re so stupid Johnny. (she walks off)

Johnny  Hi Sam, how are you doin’?

Sam  Welcome back Johnny, It’s good to see you, I was hopin’ you might come back

Johnny  (to the band) music sounds great C.C, Hi Sticks, Fingers, Bass Brain

Band  Thanks Johnny, great to see you back

Johnny  (to Sam) So Sam, how are things around here?

Sam  Fine Johnny, never been better

Johnny  Are you sure Sam, I heard that things weren’t so great and what’s all this about you getting’ married?

Sam  (forlornly) It’s no good Johnny, I can’t lie to you. I’m skint Johnny, stoney broke and I’ve got a wife who used to dress to kill and now only cooks that way.

Johnny  So what happened? Things were going so well

Sam  Yeah, they were, so I thought I’d do this place up and I hired Ivy and her daughters as decorators and when I met her I was overcome with emulsion.  That was it, next minute we were married and things went down hill from there.

Johnny  Cor, You’re painting a pretty picture Sam

Sam  You know I didn’t know what happiness was until I met them, and then it was too late.  What about you Johnny?

Johnny  I’ve made a few quid while I’ve been away so I wouldn’t mind settling down and making the right sort of investment.  I wouldn’t mind investing in this place you know.  (Sam reacts) But most of my money is tied up in shares and that so I’d need to lay me hands on it.  I’er don’t suppose you could lend us a few quid in cash, just until I get things sorted out?

Sam  How much?

Johnny  A ton should do

Sam  Kathy sweetheart, have we got a hundred in the till?

Kathy  Yes Sam, but I don’t think you should……

Sam  Don’t worry….. I know what I’m doing, I’ve known Johnny since ‘e was a kid

Kathy  But you don’t (Johnny glares at her)

Sam  If Johnny say he’ll pay it back, that’s good enough for me

Kathy  (Gives cash to Johnny) What are you up to? Johnny please don’t do this to Sam.  Just who do you think

you are eh?

Johnny  Thanks Sam, just a couple of days, that’s all.  My wild days are over

Sam  Well, I’ll believe that when I see it!  Johnny C Harming settled down, don’t make me laugh

Johnny  No, I mean it Sam, I really mean it.  No more womanising, no more gambling.  I’m looking for a special

kind of love, you know what I mean?

Sam  No Johnny, can’t say that I do.

Johnny  Hey Willie you know what I mean don’t you?

Band  Yeah, sure I do, you’re looking for a Sunday kind of love Johnny


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