Reach for a Star

By Samantha Cartwright

A humorous take on the world of talent shows. An inside glance into backstage dramas, the judges and the contestants. We see friendships form, family ties break and the reality behind the reality. A show where YOU, the audience, get to pick the winner.

Cast Host (M/F), Producer (M/F), Jackie (F), Morgan (F), Stacey (F), Gemma (F), Emily (F), Andy (M), Rachel (F), Shirley (F), Pearl (F), Janet (F), Karen (F), Ronnie (M), Liam (M), Matt (M), Mrs Hamilton (F), Mr Hamilton (M), Chavtastic (M/F), Amber (F), Audrey (F), Chorus

13 Female, 5 Male, 3 Male or Female

Scenes Audition room and TV Studio

An excerpt from Reach for a Star by Samantha Cartwright



Scene opens with characters in positions all round the stage numbers stuck on their backs and fronts. Fussing through papers and looking in mirrors.


As soon as song finishes all back to various waiting activities. On walks Host and camera crew.

Producer  Ok and going live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Host  Hello and welcome to another series of Reach for a Star, this series will prove to be the most exciting yet. The rules are the same as last series, you must be over 16 to enter, and you will be judged by our three judges.  The most talented will be put through to the live finals where the winner will win a one million pound recording contract. So we are starting here in (local town). Will we find the next winner of star search? Let’s go and meet some of the auditionees.

Host walks over to an auditionee and starts talking as if to the camera, still. Focus moves to Morgan. Who is looking in her mirror she snaps it shut.

Morgan  Doesn’t look like I’ve got much competition here

Jackie  You are so much prettier than all these other girls

Morgan  Well it’s not all about looks, you only need a really good sob story and that’s enough to get you through on these shows anyway, I’ll have to think of something good as a back up

Jackie  You so don’t need a back up

Morgan  I could say I gave one of my kidneys to my sister to save her life

Jackie  You don’t even have a sister, you could say you gave it to me I’d cover for you.

Morgan  Whatever, I don’t even know why you are here, why do you follow me around all the time, this is about me, my dreams not yours, and why do you act like you are my friend, you’re meant to be my mother!

Jackie  Shhhhh don’t shout that out, I may be your mum but I look young enough to be your sister

Morgan  Who told you that?

Morgan turns and walks to the back of the stage and her mother follows giggling like it was all a joke.

Andy stands up and starts pacing and looking worried, kind of talking to himself, looking at his papers then looking at the exit. He is about to leave when he turns around to walk out and bumps straight into a girl band.

Stacey  Watch where you’re going mate!

Andy  I’m so sorry I was just leaving and I didn’t see you,… im sor

Gemma  It’s ok, no harm done

Emily  Are you alright? You look like you’re going to be sick

Andy  I don’t know, I think I just need to leave

Emily  Hang on, hang on, come and sit over here for a minute and calm yourself down.

Andy  Look I’m sorry I don’t want to cause a fuss I just don’t think I can go through with this, I think I’ve made a mistake coming here today

Gemma  What’s the matter? Nervous?

Stacey  I’ll go and get you some water

Andy  I feel like such an idiot, but there is nothing I can do I just get so nervous, I try and control it but nothing helps, and I’m worried I’ll walk in that room and make a total prat of myself.

Emily  Well sometimes it’s good to be a bit nervous, gives you that edge

Stacey  Yeah, but not this nervous Emily, he looks like he is going to faint

Gemma  When I get nervous I use these breathing techniques to help, I’ll show you

Proceeds to breathe deeply, in and out pushing her breasts near to his face

Andy  Ermm, ermm I’m not sure that will help me

Stacey  So is it like stage fright?

Andy  I don’t know I’ve never been on stage, I’ve always wanted to be a singer, but this is the first time I’ve had the courage to audition, and now I just don’t think I can do it

Emily  Well you’re here now, you have to try otherwise you’ll always be thinking, what if?

Gemma  Plus you would have waited in that queue outside for 11 hours for nothing!

Andy  11 hours is nothing, I’ve been waiting all my life for this.  I just wish I didn’t get so nervous it’s embarrassing

Stacey  Don’t feel embarrassed around us, you should see Gemma after a few drinks on a Saturday night, now that’s embarrassing

Girls laugh and so does Andy, Gemma pretends to be outraged but then agrees

Emily  Listen, what is the worst that could happen? If you don’t try you will never know.  When I’m really nervous, I sing, makes me feel more confident. Come on give it a try.


Andy  Thanks girls that really helped, you’re so sweet, all of you.

Emily  Ahh no problem, well good luck, speak to you after and see who gets through.

Producer  And cut.

Host  Thank god, some of these people are sooo boring. Make up! I need some Evian now!

Clicking her fingers

Rachel  Hi, I just wanted to say I think you’re really great ….

Host  Excuse me, move back, busy here

Rachel turns slowly away looking embarrassed. Shirley walks over as she saw what happened.

Shirley  Don’t give it a second thought, some people can be so rude.

Rachel  I’m just really shocked, she seems so nice on TV

Shirley  Things aren’t always what they seem love, so then, you here to audition?

Rachel  Yes I’m here because I wanna, .. well my mum wants me to… but oh yes sorry I’m here to audition.

Shirley  Me too, this could be my last chance of stardom

Rachel  Oh you’re here to audition as well?

Shirley  Of course, why else would I be here

Rachel  Sorry I didn’t mean anything by it

Shirley  No, I understand, someone like me doesn’t exactly look like a pop star, but I’ve got good friends with me and we can sing so I thought why not, we’ve been singing for years in clubs it’s about time we showed everyone what we can do.

Rachel  Good on you. What’s your group’s name?

Shirley  Divas in Disguise, I’m Shirley, and that’s Pearl and Janet

Rachel  I’m Rachel, I’m here with my mum and dad, I don’t know where they have got to… oh look, I think we are going live again.

Producer  Ok going live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

Host  Welcome back, now just before the auditions start let’s meet our panel of judges, we have Karen Feslorne, Ronnie Rockefellar and Liam Powell!

Big gasps, and wows from room


After song each is interviewed

Host  Hi Karen, what are you looking for this year?

Karen  Well someone with a huge talent, a real star, and a strong personality, someone who stands out.

Host  Ok thank you Karen if you would like to go through, and next we have Ronnie Rockefeller, hi Ronnie what are you looking for this year?

Ronnie  Well someone who brings the edge back to music, like me in my day

Host  Thank you Ronnie, and last but not least Liam Powell, and what are you hoping to find this year

Liam  The usual, someone to make a one hit wonder, get the Christmas number one and make me a lot of money

Host  Ok and thank you Liam, so that’s our panel of judges.  It’s now time for the auditonees to start going in, let’s just speak to some now, hi ladies how are you feeling?

Pearl  We are feeling fine, confident and sure we won’t have a problem going through

As camera pans off them they look nervous

Producer  Ok number 102 go through please

Host move over to the door

Stacey  That’s us girls, come on

Straighten themselves up, do a group hug

Host  Ok girls, good luck

Liam  Hello and what is your name?

Emily  We’re Candy

Liam  Sweet name

Karen raises eyebrows and stares at Liam who is just smiling at the girls

Ronnie  Who do you think you’re as good as, in the charts at the moment?

Stacey  Erm Girls Aloud

Gemma  And Sugababes, we were going to name our band something with sugar in it but Stacey said it sounded too sweet and then Emily said it would be like copying …..

Emily interrupts

Emily  Well we are definitely better dancers than both those groups anyway.

Karen  Ok girls stand on the x and start when you’re ready


Ronnie  Ok girls that’s fine thanks. How long have you been together?

Emily  5 months

Karen  Well I think it showed, wasn’t great girls

Ronnie  I think you need a little work, but hey I liked it

Liam  Well you need two yes’s, Karen?

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