Snow White A Pantomime

By Peter Curwen


Snow White (F), Queen Cruella (F), Prince Lucky of Chancelvania (M/F), Dame Dotty Doughnut (M), Sunny (M/F), Sleepy (M/F), Grouchy (M/F), Nosey (M/F), Vet (M/F), Dopey (M/F), Wimpy (M/F), Mirror (M/F), Huntsman Sir Squeamish (M), Cow, Buttercup (M/F), King Rudolph (M), Sir Smuts (M), Sir Sludge (M)

An excerpt from Snow White a Pantomime


Scene 1

King in front of reds, King Rudolph enters with a servant who is carrying a throne behind him. Every time the King stops the servant puts the throne down relieved. The King goes to sit down and then begins talking and moving again with the servant following each time.

King  Ah! There you are at last! I am King Rudolph of Birovania. It used to be Pencilvania but we modernised. And you are – of course, you know who you are. Now I understand that you have asked for an audience to see me. Well! Here I am! You’ve seen me. Finally sits down
Chorus 1  Excuse me Sire. I don’t think they asked for an audience. They are an audience.
King  Oh how silly of me. You’ve come to hear the story of my daughter Snow White haven’t you? Well so you shall, and I shall be the storyteller! Now where shall I begin? Stands up and walks around. Many years ago, when I was young – not as young as you children, but younger than I am now, I married the lovely Queen Annabelle and after many years we at last had a baby. A beautiful girl born in the middle of winter, which was why we called her Snow White. Even as a baby she was like a picture. With her pale complexion and golden hair, and those lips! Oh those little red lips! Just like her mother she was. But alas it was not very long before fate took my own dear Annabelle away and left me to raise little Snow White all on my own. Well……. myself and two hundred and twenty seven servants! So naturally I had to find another mother for Snow White which was how I came to marry my second wife, Queen Cruella. Grimaces and pulls a face. Now don’t misunderstand me. She’s a wonderful woman is Cruella, and when I met her, a real beauty, but there were some things I didn’t notice. For example, her terrible temper and her bossy nature, and her jealousy, and her mirror, and her book of spells!
Chorus 1  Excuse me your majesty. Perhaps you had better explain those last two. Our friends here won’t understand what you are talking about.
King  Last two? What was I saying then?
Chorus 1  The mirror and the book of spells your majesty.
King  But didn’t I tell you she was a witch?

Chorus 1 shakes his head with audience and exits

King  Oh well then, you wouldn’t understand would you. Queen Cruella turned out to be a witch and she has this magic mirror she talks to. It’s true! It’s a magic mirror which can only tell the truth. So if you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say -Ugh! Don’t I look terrible today? It will probably say “You sure do”. Anyway, enough of all this, you want to meet my household don’t you! Here, I’ll introduce you to Snow White and she can show you round. Snow White! Snow White! Where are you?

Red curtains open to reveal Palace. King sits in throne to one side.

Scene 2

The Palace

King  I do hope she hasn’t gone out on an errand. I did so want you to meet her. Snow White!

Snow White taps her father on the shoulder

King  Don’t bother me now Throne-bearer, I’m looking out for my daughter, Snow White!

Snow White smiles and clears her throat and taps him again on the shoulder

King  What is it now? Can’t you see – Snow White! How did you get here? I was looking out … and you were. …
Snow  Hello father. I was in the scullery when I heard you call so I came up the back stairs. It sounded urgent. Has your bow come undone or is your crown crooked? Snow fuses with the Kings outfit
King  Now, now! Don’t be cheeky. I wanted you to meet our visitors before your stepmother arrived
Snow  Oh don’t mention the Queen, please! She’s had me running around more than ever today and I still have the front stairs and courtyard to scrub!
King  Never mind. I’ll get some of the servants to help you. Now come and meet my new friends. (Stands up and moves centre stage)Ladies & Gentlemen and others. (Points to someone in the audience) May I introduce my favourite daughter, the lovely Princess Snow White.

Snow White curtsies

Snow  This is very nice, and I’d love to stop and chat but I have so much work to do, I know, why don’t I talk to you while I carry on with my chores.

King  You see what a lovely girl she is. So obliging and friendly unlike someone I can think of.
Queen  (Shouting from offstage) Rudolph!
King  Coming dear, I’ll send you some help as soon as I can

King exits

Snow  He’s wonderful father, but much too much of a softie to be a king. Mind you my stepmother, the Queen, bullies everyone around here and this is the Palace where anyone who is anyone lives. How I wish there was someone to stand up to her, perhaps a handsome prince will turn up at the gates one day and whisk me away to a far off land.
Snow White picks up a mop and bucket and begins mopping the floor

Snow  Ah well, wishing and dreaming won’t get the work done

Chorus, Smuts and Sludge enter and join in song


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