The Little Mermaid

By Samantha Cartwright and Emma Houldershaw

A magical tale of a beautiful mermaid who lost her heart to a Prince and made a deal with the evil Sea witch to become human but at a dreadful price.  Joined by six mermaid sisters, a talking crab and a host of wonderful characters, The Little Mermaid is the perfect family pantomime full of laughs and heartfelt moments.

Cast Arielle (F), King Trident (M), Sea Witch (F), Sugar and Spice (M/F), Guppy (M/F), Carlton (M/F), Daz (F), Bold (F), Lenor (F), Persil (F), Fairy (F), Surf (F), Nanny (M), Prince Rick (M/F), Skittle (M/F), Pretty Sea witch (F), Max the dog (M/F)

9 Female, 2 Male, 6 M/F

Scenes, Under sea, On the ship, The Village, The Palace


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