The Little Mermaid

By Samantha Cartwright and Emma Houldershaw

Plot Summary

A magical tale of a beautiful mermaid who lost her heart to a Prince and made a deal with the evil Sea witch to become human but at a dreadful price.  Joined by six mermaid sisters, a talking crab and a host of wonderful characters, The Little Mermaid is the perfect family pantomime full of laughs and heartfelt moments.


Arielle (F), King Trident (M), Sea Witch (F), Sugar and Spice (M/F), Guppy (M/F), Carlton (M/F), Daz (F), Bold (F), Lenor (F), Persil (F), Fairy (F), Surf (F), Nanny (M), Prince Rick (M/F), Skittle (M/F), Pretty Sea witch (F), Max the dog (M/F)

9 Female, 2 Male, 6 M/F

Scenes, Under sea, On the ship, The Village, The Palace


An except from The Little Mermaid


Scene 1

Gates of Atlantis, Trident and Seawitch walk on from audience on opposite sides in front of blacks. Seawitch sees Trident and goes to turn around and walk away to avoid him Underwater style lighting, bubble projection

Trident  SEAWITCH!

Seawitch Trident, fancy seeing you here, how have you been?

Still playing hard to get or are you gonna make me your queen?

Trident  I’ve been looking all over for you SEAWITCH you have gone too far this time,

I’ve tried to help you but you still desire a life of crime

Seawitch  Me? Whatever do you imply?

I haven’t put a foot wrong would I tell a lie?

Trident  I mean it this time you have to go,

The things you have done, you’re at an all-time low.

The people you have hurt, the destruction along the way,

I couldn’t let you stay not even one more day

Seawitch  Trident I know I sometimes drift away from the good path,

But come on I was only trying to have a laugh,

Some of these merfolk can be so stuffy,

All sweetness and light and perfect and fluffy

Trident  I’ve made up my mind you leave within the hour,

You know it’s for the best don’t look so sour,

I’ll have your belongings sent to you soon,

I can’t wait to announce this, everyone will be over the moon

Seawitch  Don’t I even get the chance to say goodbye,

Some people like me they may even cry

Trident  Nobody likes you, they all want you to go,

This is all your own doing SEAWITCH, you reap what you sew

Seawitch  (getting angry now) Fine! See if I care about leaving your poxy little reef,

I’ll set up across town and become my own chief,

I don’t need your pathetic perfect lifestyle of being kind and nice,

My rules will be do what you like whatever your vice.

You really think this will work asking me to leave?

I have more evil plans just waiting up my sleeve

Trident  (angry now) I’ve heard enough, get out right now, you are banished forever,

I hope you and your shadow will be really happy together,

You will live alone in the depths of despair till the end of your days,

We have given you many chances to change your ways.

Seawitch  Banished? Forever? Isn’t that going a little too far?

Please Trident maybe one last chance, let’s say the door is left ajar?

Trident  Go! Now, never to return,

This will be a hard lesson to learn,

Just you and your own company for the rest of your life,

See how you like living with all the trouble and strife,

I must go now to tell everyone the news that you are gone for good,                                                                              And that we can live happily ever after just like we should,

I would say this is all quite a shame,

But Seawitch, you only have yourself to blame!

Trident leaves through audience

Seawitch  Go Trident see if I care?

I’ll probably have loads more fun in the depths of despair,

I can’t believe he thinks he can treat me this way,

He is going to really regret this day,

I’ll get even with him if it’s the last thing I do,

I’ll show him who is boss, me that’s who,

That overgrown fish man needs putting in his place,

I’ll soon be wiping that smile right off his face,

I’ll go into the darkness and begin working out a plan,

I’ll do whatever it takes to get even with that merman!

Loud laughing as she exits off into the audience

Scene 2

Curtains open, Under the sea, Carlton’s rehearsal room

Song 1

Carlton, sisters and chorus, end of huge, colourful production number, all chorus and sisters smiling, holding pose, Carlton starts moaning about it, brightly lit, shimmery

Carlton  Dis is unacceptable, dis is my big number, I’ve worked so hard on dis for weeks and you ruined it.  I was spectacular, if I do say so myself, den de backing singers are off key, de percussion off time, de whole thing was just (pause) …dull (chorus who are still in pose look a bit shocked and drop their pose and become deflated, Carlton moves to side muttering) dis will ruin me, I’m never working with amateurs again (he continues muttering to himself while the sisters talk) dis was meant to be de highlight of my career…

Sisters start talking to each other, chorus gather in groups a little disgruntled

Lenor  (gets her mirror out and looks in it) don’t look at me? I looked perfect the whole way through

Bold  It’s not about looking good Lenor it’s about how we sound, personally, I think if Carlton  had given me the solo I had wanted in the first place it would have sounded better, I never get what I want it’s so not fair (stamps foot and crosses arms)

Persil  Well statistically you get your own way 99.33% of the time, and if you divide the remaining percentage between the rest of us, we get our own way 0.002% of the time so your statement is completely inaccurate.

Daz  Do you think Carlton will notice if I go yet? I’ve got tailball practise with the lads.

Surf  I don’t know why you want to spend your time swimming with those sweaty boys flicking a ball around, I can’t think of anything more boring.

Lenor  Let me see swimming round with 11 athletic tailball players or standing here getting moaned at hmmmm.

Fairy  (timidly) I don’t think Carlton is meaning to moan, he just wants the best from us.

Surf  Who asked you? Get to the back.

Fairy  (instantly) Ok (moves to the back behind an object)

Chorus 1 Maybe it would have sounded better if Arielle was here

All sisters instantly stare at the chorus member green eyed

Chorus 1  (stepping back) or maybe not

Chorus 2  Where is Arielle anyway?

Chorus 3  I’m not sure but King Trident will be furious that she has missed another rehearsal.

Bold  Forget about Daddy being furious, I’m furious, she should be here, we all have to be, it’s not fair (another


Carlton  What is dis my ears are hearing? Arielle ‘as missed another rehearsal?

Persil  On average Arielle only misses 2 rehearsals a week.

Carlton  But we only ‘ave 2 rehearsals a week.

Lenor  (moving PERSIL aside) Arielle was here anyway she didn’t miss the rehearsal.

Carlton  Well where is she hiding? Under dat rock?

Daz  She was here, she just went to check on….ermmm.

Surf  …. Her costume, yes her costume, that’s it.

Carlton  Enough of dis, wherever she is she ‘ad better hurry up we need to practise your masterpiece, de rest of you can go, go on, go (chorus exit, sisters move to side to practise, Carlton stares at Fairy who is still standing behind scenery) geez child, what are you doing still standing dere, get over dere with your sisters.

Fairy  Ok

Carlton  I don’t get paid enough for dis nonsense, I’m surrounded by incompetent imbeciles, (looks around and notices the audiences) I see some of you know the feeling, dere you are, just sat down, show about to start, den you get dat one person, dere’s 300 seats but dey sit next to you. The rustler. We all know who I mean, I see you, opening sweets, crunching on crisps, fidgeting. I feel your pain, trust me, up here’s not much better, look at what I have to work with, all these beautiful young mermaids needing my attention, it’s a tough life

Bold  Carlton, I want the lead in this song.

Carlton  I’m not changing it now Bold, you’re not musical enough, you don’t even know the difference

between a fish and a piano.

Bold  You can’t tuna fish. (Laughs at own joke) It’s not fair, I want the lead (stamps and pouts)

Carlton  (looking at the piano that’s got plastic lobsters on top) Look at dis mess, there’s nothing worse dan

lobsters on your piano.

Lenor  Yes there is, crabs on your organ.

Carlton  Positions, (says their names and points to their positions) Lenor, Persil, Bold, Fairy, Daz, Surf, (to

audience) their mother worked in a laundrette. I’m not waiting another minute for Arielle, she’ll ‘ave to catch


Song 2

During song Trident enters

Trident  (Claps entering from stage right) my seven beautiful daughters, well done, that was fantastic (notices

Arielle is missing and is angry) Where is Arielle?

All the daughters start talking at once with various excuses while Carlton tries to tip toe away

Trident  Carlton?

Carlton  I’m sorry your majesty, dat girl needs to be kept on a leash, she’s missing again, dis concert was

supposed to be the pinnacle of my career, she is ruining everything (while Carlton is talking King is pacing and looking worried)

Trident  Find her

Everyone scatters and the blacks close to set ship scene, scene 3 is done in front of blacks


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